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You can find helpful information about the options available in the Sports Bet Calculator by clicking on the links below:-

Accumulator Fold Size

The Accumulator Fold Size is only applicable to Accumulator bets containing more than 4 selections. Reducing the Accumulator Fold Size, which initially mirrors the Number of Selections, allows permed Accumulators to be created.


Some types of bet attract bonuses, or a consolation, if certain criteria are met. The bonuses and consolations offered by different bookmakers vary, so the Sports Bet Calculator allows you to adjust these bonus options accordingly.

Compare Bet Types

The Compare Bet Types option can help you to analyse which type of bet will offer the highest potential profit from your selections.

When used in conjunction with the Maximum Total Stake setting, it can also help you to identify which bet could give you the optimum return for a limited stake.

You can easily compare how various outcomes will affect the return for each bet type, by simply altering selection statuses and recalculating.

Note: This feature is not available in the Android version.

Dead Heat

A Dead Heat is where two or more participants in an event can not be separated, and thereby finish in the same position.

A Dead Heat will often affect the return on a bet, with a proportion of the stake being lost, to reflect the number of other participants involved in the Dead Heat.

For Each Way bets, a Dead Heat for a place will be settled to the full stake, as long as the inclusion of all Dead Heat participants wouldn’t otherwise exceed the number of places. For example, if two participants are involved in a Dead Heat for second, when there are three places, the stake is not affected.

The Sports Bet Calculator allows you to adjust the various Dead Heat details required to calculate the correct return:

‘Total’ represents the total number of participants that finish in the same position.

‘Position’ represents the finishing position for the dead heat (Each Way only).

‘Places’ represents the number of places being offered by your bookmaker (Each Way only).

Each Way

The Each Way option indicates that all selections should be backed for both win and place. Consequently there are twice the number of bets, with a corresponding increase in the total stake.

A place represents the first few finishing positions for an event; where the number of positions varies according to the event and number of participants. The increased likelihood of a selection being placed means that, for the place part of the bet, the odds are reduced in accordance with the Place Terms.

Different settlement methods are normally used for the Multiple and Any To Come components of Each Way bets, and the method adopted can also vary between different bookmakers. The Sports Bet Calculator allows the settlement methods to be switched via “Settings” > “Each Way Methods”.

Each Way Methods

The methods used to settle Each Way bets can vary between different bookmakers.

Settlement methods also vary between the Multiple and Any To Come components of Each Way bets. The Any To Come settlement method applies to SSA and DSA bets, including the SSA component of bets such as Round Robin and Flag. The Multiple settlement method applies to all other bet types, except Single. A Round Robin for example, would be settled using the Multiple method for the Trixie component, and the Any To Come method for the SSA component.

The Win to Win, Place to Place method keeps the win and place parts separate, so that the full return from the win part of a selection provides the win stake for the next selection, and the full return from the place part of a selection provides the place stake for the next selection. This is the method most commonly used to settle Each Way Multiple bets.

The Equally Divided method, also known as Each Way All Each Way, splits the combined win and place return from each selection, to provide equal win and place stakes for the next selection in the bet. This is the method most commonly used to settle Each Way Any To Come bets, but is sometimes available on request, at the time of bet placement, for Each Way Multiple bets.

The Win Precedence method only applies to Each Way Any To Come bets, in circumstances where the return from a selection is insufficient to fully fund both the win and place stakes for the next selection in the bet. In this situation priority is given to funding the win stake, with any remainder only providing partial funding of the place stake. This used to be the most popular settlement method for Each Way Any To Come bets, but in recent years most bookmakers have switched to the Equally Divided method.

Joint Favourite

Two participants equally regarded as the most likely winners of an event are referred to as Joint Favourites; the odds are the same for both participants.

Three or more participants equally regarded as the most likely winners of an event, are more accurately referred to as Co-favourites, but for simplicity the Sports Bet Calculator also refers to these as Joint Favourites.

When backing a winning Unnamed Favourite, the return from the bet is normally affected if there are Joint Favourites, with a proportion of the stake being lost, to reflect the number of other favourites.

The return may also be affected if more than one favourite is involved in a dead heat for first, or if any favourites are classified as non-runners, although these are very rare occurrences.

The Sports Bet Calculator allows you to adjust the various Joint Favourite details required to calculate the correct return:

‘Total’ represents the total number of joint favourites.

‘Winners’ represents the number of favourites that won the race.

‘Non-Runners’ represents any favourites withdrawn shortly before the runners come under starter’s orders.

Number of Selections

The Number of Selections value is automatically updated to reflect the minimum required, when you switch between different bet types. This value can be increased in order to create perms or, in the case of Accumulators, to simply extend the size of the Accumulator.

The maximum number of selections that can be specified for any bet is 20, with some of the more complex bets limited to 15 selections. Alphabet & Union Jack bets have a fixed number of selections and can not be permed.

Odds Format

Odds can be expressed in either Fraction, Decimal or American format.

When the Odds Format setting is changed, any Win Odds that you may have entered for the current bet, will be automatically converted to the new format. Please note that an exact conversion is not always possible due to mathematical rounding, and a warning will be displayed to this effect. If you wish to know the degree of rounding that has taken place, if any, converting back to the original format should provide a good indication.

Place Terms

The Place Terms specify the number of positions qualifying for a place, along with the proportion of the win odds paid out on a placed participant. For example, 3 places at 1/4 odds.

The Sports Bet Calculator only requires the fraction needed to adjust the Win Odds, since setting the Status to Placed indicates that the other place criteria has been satisfied.

If there are insufficient participants in an event to warrant a return on any place other than 1st (for example in a horse race with less than 5 runners), the place part of the bet will generate the same return as the win part, effectively becoming a double stake win-only bet. This is known as All Up To Win, for which 1/1 should be selected as the applicable Place Terms.


If a particular bet type has been selected, the Result screen will show the outcome of the calculation for that bet type. If the Compare Bet Types option has been selected, it will show the outcomes of calculations for a range of popular bet types, based on the number of selections you have supplied.

The Unit Stake represents the amount of money invested on each bet, and may be derived from the Total Stake, as determined by the Stake setting. This value may be displayed to more than two decimal places if the Exact Total Stake setting is enabled.

The Total Number of Bets is determined by the bet type, the number of selections, and whether the bet is each way.

The Total Stake is simply the Unit Stake multiplied by the Number of Bets. When the Maximum Total Stake setting is enabled, this value may be lower than the Total Stake entered, since it will reflect the actual total calculated from the highest whole Unit Stake that prevents the Maximum Total Stake being exceeded.

The Total Return indicates how much money you should receive from your bookmaker, based on the bet details supplied.

The Total Profit indicates how much you will win, or lose, after deducting the Total Stake.

If a Maximum Total Stake was supplied that isn’t sufficient to cover the bet, given a minimum Unit Stake value of 0.01, a message will be displayed. This message will prompt you to either, change the total stake to the minimum allowable for the bet, or retain the current Maximum Total Stake.

If the current value is retained then the calculation will produce Unit Stake, Total Stake and Total Return values of 0.00. This allows you to modify your bet options, in order to reduce the number of bets, and thereby reduce the required Total Stake.

Note: The Compare Bet Types option is not available in the Android version.

Rule 4 Deduction

Tattersalls Rule 4c, commonly abbreviated to Rule 4, concerns the deduction applied to the odds of winning and placed selections, when a non-runner is declared in the same race. The stake on the non-runner is still returned, but bets placed before the market has been reformed following the non-runner declaration, are subject to a deduction based on the price of the non-runner at the time it was withdrawn. Multiple non-runners may require multiple rule 4 deductions to be applied, although the maximum deduction may not exceed 90%.


The Sports Bet Calculator initialises new selections as winners, with Win Odds equivalent to ‘Evens’. For Each Way bets the Place Terms are also initialised to 1/5.

If Rule 4, Dead Heat or Joint Favourite options are applied to a selection, then a summary of the values assigned to these options, is displayed below the status and odds of the affected selection.

When a different Bet Type is picked, the Sports Bet Calculator retains any existing selection details, only removing excess selections when the Selections screen is displayed. This allows you to switch bet types, and add perms, without losing the selection details entered for your previous bet.


The Unit stake setting allows you to enter an amount to be wagered per bet, which is then multiplied by the number of bets, to determine the total stake.

The Max. Total stake setting allows you to enter the maximum total amount that you wish to stake on your bet. The highest whole Unit Stake that will allow you to remain within your spending limit is then calculated.

The Exact Total stake setting allows you to enter the total amount that has actually been staked, enabling the calculation of understaked and overstaked bets. Bets are then calculated using a high precision Unit Stake value derived from the Total Stake.

Please note that some bookmakers have a rule of returning the excess stake on overstaked bets, rather than settling in proportion to the amount paid.


The Status of a selection may be Won, Placed, Lost or Void.

‘Won’ indicates that the selection finished in the leading position, and has earned a return that is in accordance with the Win Odds.

‘Placed’ indicates that the selection did not win, but finished in a position that is high enough to earn a return according to the applicable Place Terms.

‘Lost’ indicates that the selection took part in the event, but did not win and was not placed, and therefore does not earn a return.

‘Void’ indicates that the selection did not take part in the event, and meets the criteria by which the stake is returned.

Unit / Total Stake

The Sports Bet Calculator allows you to supply either the Unit Stake, the Maximum Total Stake or the Exact Total Stake for your bets. Please refer to the “Stake” help section for a description of each alternative.

Win Odds

The Win Odds represent what a bookmaker believes to be the likelihood of a selection winning an event. Odds can be expressed in either Fraction, Decimal or American format, with the Sports Bet Calculator only accepting Win Odds values that are valid according to the currently selected Odds Format setting. Refer to “Settings” > “Odds Format” for details.

The following shortcuts are available to speed up the entry of Win Odds:

Submitting a blank value sets the odds to a default value equivalent to ‘evens’, as represented by the current odds format; 1/1 for Fraction, 2.00 for Decimal and +100 for American.

If the numerator or denominator of Fraction odds are omitted, the missing value will default to 1. For example, 5 will become 5/1, and /5 will become 1/5.

If no decimal places are supplied for Decimal odds, then .00 will be automatically appended. For example, 5 will become 5.00.

American odds will default to +, if a + or – prefix is not entered.