Privacy Policy - Android App

Personally identifiable information is not collected from anyone using the Android version of the Sports Bet Calculator app. If you need to contact us for Support, any details that you supply (for example, your name and email address), will only be used for the purpose of sending a reply, and will not be supplied to any third party.

Use of Google AdMob

The Sports Bet Calculator app uses the Google AdMob system to provide the advertising service that attempts to make the app economically viable. In order to operate this service certain information is collected and shared by Google. For example, your approximate location may be used to ensure you only see adverts for products and services available in your area. Please refer to the document on Google’s website explaining “How Google uses data when you use our partners’ sites or apps”, which includes details on how you can control what information is used.

Use of Firebase Analytics

Google’s Firebase Analytics is used to help analyse and understand how the Sports Bet Calculator app is being used. This service uses cookies and other technologies to collect and share information, such as the app’s popularity in various countries, and how often features like the Help screen are actually used. This information is then used to improve the app, for example, by helping to focus development on areas that are more likely to be of interest to users. If you would like to know more about how Google safeguards data in relation to Firebase Analytics, please refer to the document on Google’s website entitled “Safeguarding your data”.

Use of Firebase Crashlytics

Google’s Firebase Crashlytics service collects data used for diagnostic purposes in the unlikely event that the app crashes. This data includes such things as a stack trace and relevant application state, that can often help to pinpoint the cause of any problems.